Corporate and Business Taxation

However commercial success is measured, taxation is sure to play a vital part. Unuigbe Akintola & Co. considers tax planning an essential part of its approach or its clients' affairs.

We offer a full range of taxation services for all types of business from the very smallest up to large companies, groups and consortia. Our services include corporate and partnership tax planning for Nigerian and multinational businesses, and the obtaining of Tax Clearance Certificates, VAT, PAYE matters including incentive schemes and remuneration packages.

Our services also cover the tax aspects of pensions, share valuations for fiscal purposes and tax implications of business mergers and reconstructions.

In many cases, the tax affairs of the business are closely linked with the personal taxation of individual proprietors, partners, directors and key personnel. Unuigbe Akintola & Co. is well placed to integrate the planning of the tax affairs of the business with the needs of the individuals behind it.

Taxes, like death, may seem inevitable; and compliance with the tax laws just a matter of following the rules. But this is not easy - and the penalties can be severe. More positively, tax liabilities can often be mitigated by careful planning. Unuigbe Akintola & Co. guidance to management will always take taxation into account.

It is easy to assume taxation is just a run-of-the-mill matter.

Far from it. Along with other financial management guidance we give, taxation issues are fundamental to your own and your business's well-being.

Be it for acquisitions, mergers, disposals, or day-to-day decisions on buying equipment, forward planning and timing are vital. They are the basis of our approach and we provide them both nationally and internationally. Whatever the theatre, we have access to the best brains available.

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Unuigbe Akintola & Co. is synonymous with Successful Business.
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