Management Consultancy

Given the close personal knowledge we have of our client's business, the Unuigbe Akintola & Co. team is uniquely placed to help management achieve its objectives.

Many of our management consultancy are, naturally, related to our financial expertise, especially in the vital areas of business monitoring and control systems. These include: budget control systems; production planning and control; cash flow management; and internal control reviews.

Computer consultancy for mini and mainframe installations is another of our strengths. We advise on strategy, investigate requirements, priorities, costs and benefits. We also undertake supplies liaison and project management. Following installation, we provide full support for the introduction of the system and its development.

Management consultancy, however, extends far beyond business systems. We undertake executive recruitment and training programmes, develop corporate planning, advise on employment and other legislation, keep clients abreast of Government regulations and incentive schemes for which they may qualify. We generally provide a sounding board for management.


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