At times, some of the best run businesses run into difficulties and when this happens, the options are to initiate a rescue plan or, sadly to wind up the company.

In these circumstances, it is essential to obtain sound professional, yet understanding help, and to do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

Unuigbe Akintola & Co. provides both options and introduces as degree of understanding and sympathetic diplomacy vital to the smooth and successful resolution of affairs. The nature of the problem is investigated and analysed: the options are evaluated and a course of action recommended swiftly, and assistance is provided with implementation.

We have experienced people whose job it is to make decisions in all aspects of financial difficulty and insolvency and to implement the planned course of action rapidly.

Our expertise covers all procedures necessary in liquidation or administrative receivership from initial investigation to final winding up. Or we can provide specific resources such as attending statutory creditors meetings or serving on committee's of inspection.

We always act in the most positive way to secure the best possible solution for all concerned and, if it is humanly possible to correct the situation and save the business.

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Unuigbe Akintola & Co. is synonymous with Successful Business.
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