Corporate Finance

Raising business finance is one of those emotive subjects which abounds with tales of lost causes: stories about how much money is said to be available but which never materialises in the end. True, funds are available - but every source has numerous propositions from which to choose.

The solution to securing funds lies in the sort of professionalism which Unuigbe Akintola & Co. brings to bear when acting for a client.

In simple terms, we analyse the proposition and advise on its viability; we advise on whether funds should be loan or equity, private or public; we decide on the best source of funds, we prepare your case accordingly, we prepare the ground; and we present your case.

Sometimes, it may be a bank overdraft or loan, others call for our personal connections in the financial market, others may be best served by a business expansion scheme, still others by the Second Tier Market (STM) or full Stock Exchange floatation.

Corporate finance, is however, about more than fund-raising.

Our objective is to help you find the resources to enable your business to grow and to create the environment in which it will flourish. That means a host of other services from staff incentive programmes, pension and share option schemes, to acquisitions, mergers and management buy-outs.

Above all, we are down to earth people who will tell you frankly what we believe to be right for your business, whether we are helping you to form and launch it or are considering the development of a well-established enterprise.

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