Audit and Accountancy

Unuigbe Akintola & Co. provides highly cost-effective and accountancy services, combining the latest know-how in the profession with up-to-date electronic computers.

The Unuigbe Akintola & Co. approach to audit and accountancy is not, however, just a routine conveyor belt turning full circle every year.

For example, we maintain a constant review of the quality of our systems and staff to ensure innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. There is a continuing process of review to establish how best the information we gather for you can be improved and how it can be best utilised to help run your affairs more effectively.

Of course, we cover all the traditional services for limited and unlimited companies. We have specialist audit teams for Parastatals, Government Authorities, Banks, Financial institutions, Corporations, Airlines, people in the professions, for brokers, for institutions ranging from charities to community and housing associations, for trade unions and trade associations, and for the entertainment industry.

Those services cover preparation of management and financial accounts, profit forecasting and cashflow projections, both manual and computer, routine book-keeping, company secretarial work, share register service and payroll services.

Your company has a duty to provide information for statutory and Inland Revenue requirements, but we believe an audit and accountancy service should provide more than the legal minimum. We aim to give you constructive advice and information which may be vital to your business, giving you a real benefit from what could otherwise be a routine process.

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